Travelling Films

2015 was, without a doubt, the best & busiest year in L&G's history. This year, we step things up a notch. With back to back features until July, and our first offshore film currently in post production, the new year is booming.

Our films are also travelling the globe. Tell Me Sweet Something is enjoying its US debut at the Pan African Film Festival, joined by Ayanda. Happiness Is A Four-Letter Word is screening at Berlinale, and Faan Se Trein is on its way to the Afrikaanse Kultuurfees in Amsterdam in April.

To see our work on the big screen, Thabang Moleya's romantic drama Happiness Is A Four-Letter Word is now booking for release on Feb 19.

On March 18th, SINK, winner of 5 awards at the Silwerskerm Fees, will be releasing locally.

There's work to be done, and we're looking forward to outdoing ourselves in 2016.