Film Colourist

Kimberley Hobbs

With Ten years of experience, Kimberley started her career operating the DaVinci 2K Spirit in Cape Town, grading 16mm & 35mm film for TV, Film & Documentaries.

In 2011, Kimberley made the move to Johannesburg under the auspice of Ladies & Gentlemen films as Feature Film Colourist. After receiving training on her new Baselight system, she was flung into the deep end of DI. Since her arrival, she has followed her passion, grading several commercially and critically successful feature films.

Kimberley's unique eye for colour, film aesthetic and the nuances that colour can bring to film, contribute greatly to creating an emotive visual narrative.

Managing Director

Marc Baleiza

Marc has been involved in the local and international film and television industries for 14 years. He has carved a niche for himself as a master of technology and digital workflows.

Having worked with some of the worlds best known broadcasters, Marc's extensive understanding of Digital Film and Post Production are an asset to the local film industry, where he now focuses his efforts.